City of Bushnell, Florida

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117 E. Joe P. Strickland, Jr. Avenue
PO Box 115
Bushnell, FL 33513
(352) 793-2591

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Division of Code Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all municipal codes are enforced throughout the City of Bushnell's jurisdiction. The Director of Zoning & Code Compliance is Denise Lee, who has been employed by the City since 1989 and has held this current position since 2004.


An Ordinance is an official legislative action which establishes "a regulation of a general and permanent nature and enforceable as a local law."

The complete set of Ordinances is commonly referred to as the municipal code. As individual ordinances are adopted, each may be integrated into the body of existing ordinances, producing a body of laws not unlike the state statutes, albeit of much less volume.

The Code of Ordinances contains a great number of ordinances on many different subjects and is a very lengthy book. It is for this reason, that the information provided herein is limited to a brief description of the most commonly discussed items. Should further detail be required, or the item you are interested in not be listed, please contact our office for clarification. (Click on each item below for more information)


General Provisions
Occupational License Form

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