City of Bushnell, Florida

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Karen Davis

Councilwoman Karen Davis was elected to the Bushnell City Council in 2014, and began her term of office in January 2015.  She is a long time resident of the Bushnell community, and graduated in the Class of 1978, and furthered her education by attending Brevard Community College.  Councilwoman Davis is married to Winston Davis Sr. and they have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. She began her career at Sumter County Association for Retarded Citizens (SCARC), Inc. in 1986, where she started out as a training specialist working with clients, and teaching them health and safety skills and how to adapt in the community. Councilwoman Davis is the manager of the two group homes which are owned by SCARC. She is very excited about the opportunity to serve the citizens of the Bushnell community.

Councilwoman Davis was selected by council to act as Vice Mayor on January 7, 2019.