City of Bushnell, Florida

Committed to the Quality of Life ...

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The City obtained this $4,505,496 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation's Local Agency Program (LAP). This grant will be utilized for a City-wide beautification project which will update the City's existing drainage system, as well as create bike and sidewalk/walking trails throughout the City. A central park-like setting within the downtown area consisting of a gazebo, fountain, and park benches will complete the utilization of this grant funding. Construction has already begun on this project and it is anticipated that the project will be finished in late 2012.

This $650,000 Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) will be utilized for providing municipal wastewater connections to eligible low-income residents in designated areas within the City.

The City of Bushnell is currently involved in several FDLE Law Enforcement Grants to purchase specialized equipment for the Police Department in order to assist with the apprehension of criminals. These grants range from $1,291 to $6,500.