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Utility Customer Forms/Resources


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Utility Special Needs Request Form Utility Special Needs Request Form

This document is for our current customers who have a special need or are medically dependent upon electricity. In the event of an emergency where electricity has been cut or turned off, this form will enable the proper authority to be notified so that assistance can be provided to the customer as soon as possible.

The City and the County special needs request forms are both included in this document.

*Please note: The individual must be medically dependent on the electric supply. Examples are: ventilators and nebulizers (to help breathing); wheelchairs; infusion pumps; blood glucose meters, apnea monitors, and other home monitoring devices.

Utility Rate Schedule Utility Rate Schedule

This is a detailed rate schedule for all Utility Services that the City of Bushnell offers. The City serves Water, Sewer, Electric and/or Refuse services to our municipal customers.

Utility and Food Assistance List Utility and Food Assistance List

This document is a list of all the local agencies who assist people with Utility bills and food.

Summer Month Energy Saving Tips Summer Month Energy Saving Tips

This is an informational brochure which provides our customers with tips for helping to reduce their electric bills during summer months where electric consumption is typically higher than other seasons.

Residential Utility Service Application Residential Utility Service Application

This is the application that you will need to fill out and return in order to have services turned on at a residential location in Bushnell. Two months estimated deposit may be required. We can run a $5 credit check and the deposit may be lowered or waived depending on the results. The completed application can be returned to Bushnell City Hall at 117 E. Joe P. Strickland, Jr. Ave.. Call 352-793-2591 for more information.