Electric Integration Project Information

City of Bushnell - Electric Integration Project Update 01-30-2018The City of Bushnell began construction to extend the electric system for the Electric Integration Project. The construction began on January 30, 2018 on Roland Ave. in Bushnell.

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City of Bushnell - Electric Integration Project Update 01-08-2018

At a regularly scheduled Council meeting on January 8, 2018, the Bushnell City Council approved Resolution 2018-01, approving the execution of the transfer agreement between the City and Sumter Electric Cooperative, INC. authorizing the Mayor to execute the transfer agreement;  delegating authority to the City Manager, City Staff, and consultants to take all actions necessary to implement the transfer agreement and close the transaction contemplated thereby, subject to certain conditions precedent.

The transfer agreement is similar to a sales contract and specifies the terms and conditions associated with Bushnell’s purchase of the SECO Electric System inside the City limits.

The City of Bushnell will be updating the website frequently with the most current information regarding the Electric Integration Project.