Annexation Information

Becoming a part of the Municipal City Limits

Thank you for considering the City of Bushnell. Annexation into the city limits will allow you to take advantage of city services. Bushnell offers water, electric, refuse and sewer services to select areas of the city, competitive rates and quality customer service.

Here are some facts you should know if you are thinking about annexation:

  1. Water Service and Electric Service are available to most locations - check City Hall for current connection fees and deposits. Wastewater Service is also available to select areas. Contact the administration office for detailed service information.

  2. Sanitation Service - The City provides garbage pickup 2 days a week for both residential and commercial customers, with 1 day a week for residential yard trash. Commercial service can be modified to suit your business's personal needs. Once a year, the City has Bushnell Clean Up Month, which allows all city residents to do spring-cleaning and dispose of anything, except hazardous materials and tires, with NO charge.

  3. Each resident or property owner of Bushnell is governed by the Code of Ordinances, and subject to all laws contained therein as adopted by City Council. A copy of the Bushnell Code of Ordinances is available for public inspection upon request.

  4. Each resident or property owner of Bushnell is entitled to have a right to vote in the City's Municipal Elections.

  5. A public utility tax is levied upon any service provided to city residents, such as, electric, water, telephone, L.P. gas and fuel oil. This tax will be charged on the bill provided by each individual company you may have business with.

  6. A franchise fee is levied upon city residents by electric, telephone, and cable companies that provide that particular service to a city resident. This tax will be charged on the bill provided by each individual company you may have business with.

  7. City police response time is an average of 4 minutes or less if you are a city resident. If you have an emergency, dial 911.

  8. Your real property will be assessed an ad valorem tax on city property.

  9.  Your Building, Planning, & Zoning needs will be met by City requirements, and subject to municipal Land Development Regulations.

  10. The City of Bushnell will pay all legal and administrative expenses required for annexation on real property less than ten (10) acres in size. Any expenses incurred due to a request for contraction will be borne by the property owner.

Please review the information provided and feel free to contact City Hall for any questions regarding the impact of annexation on your property. This is only a brief listing of important information concerning annexation.

The City of Bushnell is "Committed to the Quality of Life" for all citizens.

City of Bushnell, PO Box 115, 117 E. Joe P. Strickland Avenue, Bushnell, FL 33513 (352) 569-2421 [direct line] or 352-793-2591 [main phone]/(352) 793-2711 [fax]

For questions or comments contact Kristin Green, Director of Zoning and Code Compliance, at